Music Room


Music is the food of the soul. It is the source of solace and upliftment. Vocal music training is given to the students and children are taught to use various instruments like Congo, Bongo, Harmonium, Casio and Guitar. Indian and Western Indian dances like classical, folk and contemporary dance are taught in the school.

Art & Craft Room


The school has a very well-decorated and an excellent art and craft department so that students feel comfortable to express their creative sense through their work. Apart from this our students have won major art competitions at international, national and state level. The Fine Art room provides a perfect ambience to the students to enhance their aesthetic skills.

Kindergarten Zone


For little tiny- tots the infrastructure comprises separate nurseries for transforming their innocent childhood into a wonderland of innovation and exploration.

School Building


The school has colorful and vibrant building. The building design promotes natural flow of light and air, thereby saving electricity and providing a conducive and joyful learning environment to the children.

Class Room


"The all class rooms are bright and airy. The furniture of each class room has been designed to facilitate improved teaching and learning.

Smart Class


Smart class program enables students and teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D images &Video Clips. This results in a completely new multi-sensory joyful learning experience for students and helps them to improve their academic performance.