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Suraj School Sector - 56 , Gurugram : Maths Activity :Grade 4
Fractions are not just an essential & complex concept of maths but also the building blocks of many future sciences. From telling time to sharing pizza,fractions are everywhere. Young learners from Suraj-56, grade IV understand fractions through part & whole, discoverying how they form an integral part of everyday life.

Bawal : "Nine days of festival hauls. Nine days of Navratri celebrations. Happy Navratri!!" Diya, Matki and Dandiya decoration activity was done today by class 2nd students

Suraj School Sector : 75, Gurugram : "Students of Suraj School sector 75 conducted SOF exam for their academic excellence.. today, children from Grade 3rd to 8th wrote their IEO (International English Olympiad).

Suraj School Sector : 75, Gurugram : "Stars of september month ..classes Nur to 8 were appreciated & awarded in the middle morning assembly today on 11/10/18 @ Suraj school sec 75..

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